Bound by Secrets (Cauld Ane #3)

Tracey Jane

Payton McFadden knows that Brodie Gunnach, a Cauld Ane prince, isn’t her destined mate - really, he isn't. The man must surely be confused. If she was his mate, he wouldn’t have just left her five years before and stopped contacting her. When he comes back claiming they are, she isn’t all that thrilled with him; although she has to admit that there is something about him that calls to her.  With the past coming back to haunt them and danger all around, will they have the time to settle their feelings?

For a reader familiar with the previous books in Ms. Jackson's series this would have probably been a more comprehensive read. The enemies of Cauld Ane are the same as in the previous books, so for a first-time reader it isn’t easy to piece together what is happening or why, and an explanation of what exactly the Cauld Ane are does not come quickly.  There is actually very little said of them and their history, leaving a reader new to the series confused. This would all be far easier to overlook if the romance was strong enough. However, as sometimes is the case with predestined mates, Brodie and Payton fall in love really fast. It is particularly obvious in Payton’s case - she goes from snipping and arguing with Brodie to loving him in a New York minute. 

All in all, it is definitely recommended for a reader to start with the first book in the series and work their way through:  this book may then be a very satisfying read!

Ana Smith