Bound by the Mist


FANTASY:  The Veil seldom makes an appearance in the Fae world. It had never been known to appear in the human world up until it opened before Calantha ‘Cal’ Weston’s young eyes, where her glance connected with Relian, the Prince of Eria.  As a college student, she finally feels normal following several years of psychiatric treatment. Then, the dreams begin. The Veil also makes unprecedented actions. It binds Cal to Relian, followed by transporting her to Eria, where the magic is dying. The human and Fae worlds are in danger, and the promising love Cal and Relian seem to be a key to restoring balance.


“Bound by the Mist” links two very different people together across realms.  Enemies, betrayals, and distrust thwart a smooth bonding between Cal and Relian. Treated for hallucinations beginning at twelve-years old, Cal had suffered for sharing her glimpse into the Fae world. Regrettably, her experiences are barely reflected in her character.  Relian is a noble hero with convincing flaws.   He bravely battles the encroaching darkindred. The darkindred - elves corrupted and converted to animalistic creatures - are an intriguing enemy.   Their creation, evolution, and the emotional turmoil they provoke in battle fuel the imagination with possibilities. This story would have benefited from a reduction of melodramatic physical and emotional descriptions.  In conclusion, “Bound by the Mist” demonstrates Ms. Kumar’s creative abilities that include strong elements for future books.  An auspicious romantic pairing may have also been revealed within this novel.  


Anna Fitzgerald