Bound to His Redemption (Mists of Eria Book 3)


FANTASY:  Eamon is well known as a murderer, a liar and a treasonous backstabber. Having worked for millennia to usurp the ruling King of Eria, his latest actions have caused him to be exiled to Earth for the crimes he’s committed against his own people. When a chance meeting with Caralyn Alberts results in him bargaining to stay at her home they soon realize they both have a role to play in Eamon’s redemption. In forging a new Eria, one where humans and elvin alike will coexist, Eamon needs Caralyn’s help to overcome his hatred for humans and find those individuals destined to become bondmates.  But as Eamon's past comes calling there may be more to fear than just losing his heart to a human woman. Secrets and lies will be revealed and a surprise reconciliation may signal the beginning of the end.

The third foray in the Mists of Eria series, "Bound to His Redemption" thrusts the reader right back into the immersive fantasy world of the elvin. Ms. Kumar’s powerful writing and strong imagery keeps one enthralled. While there are some minor editing issues, it doesn't detract from the overall flow of the story. Eamon's return as the villain one loves to hate is fraught with underlying emotional turmoil. Caralyn’s strong-willed and empathetic manner is the perfect counter-balance to Eamon’s pompous and entitled attitude. One can't help but be excited to see what role these two characters play in the future. This book is a must read for fantasy lovers!


Chantel Hardge