Bound to the Elvin King (Mists of Eria #2)


FANTASY:  Maggie D’Anglio found herself in the Kingdom of Eria when she came through the mist with her closest friend Cal. With her friend happy and in love with her prince, Maggie now seeks to find her way back to the human realm. She bides her time waiting for veil between their worlds to lift by attempting to keep herself entertained, and mostly trying to avoid Talion.  He is the thorn in her side who just happens to be the reigning King. Oil and water blend better than Maggie and Talion, but destiny has a way of directing life in directions not desired, like right into his Majesty’s bed and heart. Fighting her own heart and fears, Maggie finds herself bonded to her soul mate, against her mind’s wishes. The mind doesn’t always know what the soul needs, and Maggie needs love. 


Curl up with this book, a glass of wine, and no interruptions! Maggie and Talion's page-turning, bodice-ripping romance will burn into the soul and their witty, sarcastic banter of the dueling couple will etch into the memory. The classical attention to fantasy and royal duty will impress, and the adventure will drive the reader to the finish. Kumar has created a bevy of charming characters that also have spunk. The land of Eria demands more adventures and stories, as it is also a character needing to be explored. Equal parts adventure, fantasy, romance, and sexual interludes bring the story to life…epically encapsulating everything a reader can want in a steamy, romance novel. Fire extinguishers may be needed!


Penelope Anne Bartotto