Bound by Dreams (Cauld Ane Book 5)

Tracey Jane

“Bound by Dreams” is book five in the Cauld Ane series. The story opens with Charlotte Whitmore donning a Princess Ariel costume in Disneyland. Her acting career is going nowhere while her best friend is involved with a Fallen Crown band member. This connection tantalizes Charlotte, better known as Chuck, because she obsesses about Fallen Crown’s drummer, Niall MacMillan.


Things get a bit odd after Charlotte moves back home. She dreams of Niall McMillan and is able to talk to him in her dreams. On the other side of the world, Niall is able to communicate back. Charlotte (who also goes by Charlie) is dating other guys while trying to figure out her connection with Niall while a dark menace threatens them both,

“Bound by Dreams” raises more questions about Charlotte’s previous boyfriend. The reader is told her previous boyfriend put Charlotte in the hospital while her handsome neighbor held her hand through the ordeal. This would cause most women to think again before dating, but not Charlie.

Her obsession with Niall makes her the equivalent of a thirteen-year-old girl. The fact that someone she has obsessed over for years just happens to like her back seems too formulaic. Despite the sex scenes between Charlotte and Niall it never ever reaches chemistry levels needed for a believable romance. 

“Bound by Dreams” employs dialogue more suitable for teen sitcoms, which should make the book a popular with new adult fiction readers.

Morgan Stamm