Bound by Blood (Cauld Ane #1)

Tracey Jane


Samantha Moore is twenty-five and holds her doctorate in genetic research, specializing in blood. She has just landed a most prestigious job with Gunnach Pharmaceuticals that, if not her dream job, at least is in the dreamy land of Scotland. Though painfully shy, Samantha meets the first of the handsome men in her future before her plane even lifts off the ground. 


Dr. Kade Gunnach is a man to be reckoned with. As CEO of Gunnach Pharmaceuticals, he has a building full of able staff and though most pledge their allegiance to him and his family, but he is desperate to help his sister and he believes the key lies in her blood.  What he doesn’t bargain for is his reaction to the specialist he’s hired or the ramifications of delving too deep as there are traitors in their midst.


Though the characters spend a lot of time moving from one office to the other, the plot moves at a good clip. Situations that at first glance might feel contrived are revealed as the manufactured moves by one who recognizes his mate on their first meeting. Ms. Jackson demonstrates an ability to narrate the unique plot, in what at first glance appears mundane, The twist it to make it anything but!  She walks one right up to a sub-culture and, rather than rapping on the door, breaks it wide open, leaving the reader wishing he or she were about to have a run in with the Gunnach clan.   Superbly done, Ms. Jackson!!


Shaunna Gonzales