The Boss


Unexplained fires have been plaguing Delaney Hamilton ever since her family died in a fiery car crash years ago.  Hoping to escape both the fires and a stalker, Delaney moves across the country to find a new life in California.  Unfortunately, the fires follow her to her new job at a winery.  Desperate for help, Delaney confides in Finn Conleth, the leader of the hunky hot shots crew that rescued her from a winery fire.  As a dragon shifter, Finn is well acquainted with fire, but Delaney’s story makes him suspect that her stalker is no mortal but perhaps a dragon shifter gone rogue.  Finn is determined to keep Delaney safe until he can eliminate the threat from Graff, the rogue dragon, but can he keep her safe from the fire that burns between them?

Hot! Hot! Hot! This first book of the new Fire’s Edge series sizzles with more than just wildfire.  Finn is everything a firefighter hero should be - sexy, strong, protective, fearless and in control both on the front line and in the bedroom.  Feisty, brave and determined, Delaney holds her own with Finn, and the pair form a dynamic duo readers are sure to enjoy. The plot is compelling and well-paced with plenty of action, both dramatic and erotic. Personal history for Finn, Delaney and Graff is a bit lacking, and more would have added extra depth, but readers will enjoy the story as it is.  This book introduces an intriguing cast of characters that will have readers anxiously awaiting the next installment!

Elissa Blabac