Book of Angels (Night Angels Chronicles 2)


Sera Patterson has faced death and "sort of" lived to tell the tale. Her saviors, the Night Angels, have given her the blood of the ancients, making her a Denizen. As the Keeper of the Key of Mystery she bears the weight of a great responsibility — to save the world from the wrath of the Ancient Queen and those who would bring the Ancients back to life. Her brother Salem was saved by the opposition, Fabian Gore. Now the siblings stand on opposing sides, about to engage in a battle that could destroy the world. 


A most intriguing twist on history: taking historical figures and changing their story to match a unique plot! Ms. Mezek has a way with describing the world she has created, flair with the brush that paints a solid picture. Unfortunately, the words of the characters are delivered in a first person point of view that distracts from the overall telling of the tale. While the characters are very interesting and the story truly intriguing, much is lost in an overall rush to cram a ton of history into the relatively short time span presented within plot. As Sera is overwhelmed, so is the reader. Too much is expected to be accomplished in what relates to about a week’s frame of time, leaving so much hanging at the end. Given more time and more pages, this story would rank right up there with classics by Rice, Hamilton, Harris, and Bishop. Truly an intriguing story! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto