Vivien is a college student on the verge of her twentieth birthday. Living at home with her dear, sweet Aunt, she is enjoying her life, but ready for more independence and control. Especially interesting is Brad, a classmate who always seems to be around - in her study group, jogging partner, even in her dreams!   
Vivien discovers Brad is not just a classmate and running partner, when she sees someone she thinks is Brad kill a man that attacked her while jogging. She also discovers her attack was not just random but an intentional assassination attempt! Nor was it Brad she saw kill the man, but his twin Aedan. To make her life even more bizarre,  she is told that she is a princess - from another world!   What’s a girl to do when her life has been turned upside down and nothing is what she believed it to be?  Can she trust Brad and Aedan who claim to be her bodyguards and transport her to a world where they claim she was born to rule, so she can be protected with magic? How does a normal girl accept things that should only happen in dreams - or nightmares?

Kallysten has given her readers a wonderful other worldly tale in “Bodyguard”!  This story jumpstarts full of action and doesn’t slow down until the very last page is turned! Readers will find the transformation from this world to Vivien’s home world believable and easy to follow. The romance, action, and suspense are written with balance and play out superbly to the very end.  It’s a great ride of a read that leaves readers satisfied and anxious for the next book in this series!

Melody Prat