Blue Farmhouse Flowers


When the neighbor from Edith's hometown passes away, she returns to her childhood home for the funeral. While there, she learns her mother is dying from cancer, her father has a girlfriend, and her young brother has been recruited to a professional football team. After the funeral, Edith is surprised to learn Simone has left her a trunk full of flower seeds, first shot at buying her small farm, and the ghost of the house, Noah.

This book offers suspense, mystery, a ghost, romance, conflict, danger, and a happy ending. The characters are well written and believable for the most part. There are a few cringe-worthy moments where the reader is not sure if Noah is a bad ghost, good ghost, or ambivalent, but the author does a great job of flushing out his true nature. The reader may feel sympathy for Edith in the loss of her friend, sad at her lost dreams, and irritated that she had to become an adult before she really needed to.

The character of Noah is a bit of a stretch. For a ghost, he is as close to being alive as he can get and stretches the lines between fantasy and reality to the breaking point.  Depending on the reader’s viewpoint, they could find his storyline to be a romantic, fascinating part of the book or may feel Noah is a hindrance and form of escape from reality for Edith. Whichever view the reader takes, this book will capture the imagination and lead the reader on a journey that has a happily ever after in a most surprising way.

Carly Fulmer