Blood Yellow


King Zayn Kadin and his sister Nikole are engaged in a brutal war/family feud with their uncle Haydar Khaled and his daughter Leigh for control of the Algula—an immortal vampire-like race—the throne, and humans. Zayn and Nikole are whiny, childish, selfish, and ineffectual, indulging in self-pity and tantrums when things don’t go their way instead of doing what is needed to protect their loved ones, the throne, or the Algula.  This is particularly dangerous set against their opponents in the struggle. Haydar and Leigh, alternatively, are incredibly blood-thirsty, cruel, violent, greedy, resourceful, driven, and evil. Can Zayn and Nikole get past their own baggage and drama to become a united front against their deadly enemies?

“Blood Yellow” is not a stand alone book.  It picks up three months after the first book ended without laying foundation to clue new readers into the earlier story.  Told from at least six different character’s viewpoints, often shifting characters within a scene, including extraneous characters, can be a bit frustrating. Instead of developing the protagonists and their relationships, “Blood Yellow” is bogged down with gratuitous flashbacks, sex scenes, and graphic violent torture scenes.  “Blood Yellow” ends on a major cliffhanger, leaving readers wondering whether Zayn and Nikole are going to get it together long enough to actually be worthy of ruling and defeating their enemies. Ms. Nemer’s improvement is evident in “Blood Yellow”, and with a little character separation within chapters, her work will continue it’s upward momentum!

Lacy Hill