Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon


MYSTERY:  Darcy’s sister, Deanna, walked out of the family diner one day and never came back. That was three months ago. Now, Darcy has decided to move back home to search for her lost sister and help with the diner. As soon as she drives into town, she has an encounter with Deputy Alan Brandt. Little does she know how important he will become to her in just one short week. Sammy is Darcy’s college-aged nephew and he is determined to help find his Aunt Deanna. What follows is a trip into the unknown and the key to it all is four blood stones.


This is a beautifully written piece that really captures the essence that is Arizona - the sunrises and sunsets, the red mesas and canyons, as well as the dusty, unpaved roads. They can all be seen in the reader’s mind as they take a trip through the wild side of the state. The native legends add mystery and suspense as this tale is spun. The characters are larger than life and the reader will enjoy getting to know each of them. What takes away from a wonderful story are the missing words in some of the sentences, making the reader guess as to the author’s intent. This novel also has an abrupt ending, which leaves the reader with lots of unanswered questions. Those quibbles aside, Ms. Lynn is an able storyteller and she weaves a delightful story to be enjoyed by all.


Belinda Wilson