Blood From a Stone

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In the year 1511, Samson Bellmaine uses his lying, cheating, womanizing ways to break his childhood friend's heart, and destroy her trust. Her pagan, priestess mother curses Samson, and he soon finds himself a stone gargoyle devoid of any emotion, just like his own, once human, heart.
The curse affords Samson to awaken once every 50 years for the period of one month. For the last 500 years he awakens, only to continue in the life he once led before the curse, gambling, drinking and bedding women. Until the year 2011.
Upon awakening in the year 2011, he meets Willow Dalton, a pediatric nurse, and falls in love.  Feeling that for the first time, Samson soon discovers an ability that may be the key to breaking his curse. Racing against time, he must find how to break the curse, and not lose the woman he loves at the same time.
The characters in “Blood From a Stone” are endearing, engaging, and emotionally charged. One starts out disliking Samson for being a slimeball, but as he falls in love with Willow and realizes that being in love really isn’t so bad, most readers will change their minds.  This is a unique story that will make the reader angry, sad, happy, and tearful, all while anxiously turning the pages. It also teaches one to believe in the human spirit, and the power of redemption.
Ms. Lucas has written a fun, witty, and yet emotionally rich and captivating story!
Tonya Smalley