Blood Purple

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Zayn and Nikole are a brother and sister who descend from royalty. They are Algula, a race of vampires that has gone undetected for thousands of years. After the deaths of their parents, Zayn must now take his rightful place as king, and his sister becomes a princess. Zayn has a mesmerizing beauty and tenacity, whereas Nikole is not only beautiful, but feisty and stubborn. As siblings, they agree to work together, using their individual strengths to lead their people.
Unfortunately, their Uncle Haydar believes he should be the rightful king.  He is greedy, evil, and  cares only about himself, not the Algula. In 1777 he leads an invasion where the royal family lives, killing everyone in his wake. Much to his dismay, Zayn and Nikole escape the bloodbath and make their way to America, along with the Algula people.  Haydar soon discovers their escape, however, and follows them so that he may continue his quest to become king.
“Blood Purple” is an interesting concept where the main characters are brother and sister as opposed to romantic interests. Ms. Nemer writes characters that are engaging and dramatic, but even though her characters are entertaining, this story needs editing work. The transitions are choppy and the story doesn’t always flow well. The violence is somewhat gory, so if one is squeamish....beware. Ms. Nemer does a great job with the back story at the beginning, and with a a bit of editing work, this could be a five star story!
Tonya Smalley

***Ms. Nemer has revised and re-edited "Blood Purple".***