Blood Myth (The Myth Series)

Stacy A.


Zakah Sange has lived his entire life with the shadow his evil Raka father, Tanerk, cast over him. He has fought his nature and the urge to act violently, allowing himself only the dark sensual pleasures of dominating women. And every day the battle inside him grows stronger…until he hears her singing. Sorina, one of the Saka (Raka’s opponents) and a descendant of the evil god Akhekh, is everything he is not. He wants her - absolutely, inarguably, completely, in his bed, in his life. In every way he can have her. And he will do whatever it takes to do that - even stand with her family and battle his father and an army in order to save her and her twin’s life.

Scorching! Monsters and magic have never seemed more inviting! The reader is first introduced to Zakah’s proclivities at the very beginning , but when it’s with Sorina, everything gets even more intense. Her entry into the world of BDSM was poorly handled, though, placed after a traumatic experience where she is kidnapped and almost raped by Zakah’s father, making it feel inappropriate. It does get better, however,  Sorina, a submissive in the bedroom, still retains her fighting spirit and independence outside of it, which is great!  Unfortunately, their leap into love isn’t brought to life, just explained as them being “mates” and sharing explosive chemistry. The reader should also be aware of the cliffhanger ending, which felt unnecessary. All in all, this is a delicious, sizzling read that rides the line of erotica for anyone who enjoys the combination of BDSM and magic battles.

Mimi Smith