Blood King – Spirit Seeker, Book One

Amber K.

As a powerful hierophant, Sybille Esmond‘s job is to find disembodied spirits of supernatural beings and guide them to the afterlife. As a centuries old bloodthirster who has been reconnected with his spirit and managed to tame his beast, Elis Tanner makes his current living as a traveling hypnotist. Drawn to Sybille in his dreams he tempts her to find him in the Now World. As their attraction grows stronger, the two of them must use their combined powers to stop the murderous haunting of Elis’ obsessed ex-wife’s spirit, escape hordes of undead wanting to drain Sybille, and defeat the invincible bloodthirster of Low Hollow known as the Blood King.

Amber Bryant’s debut novel, “Blood King”, is a fascinating take on the genres of vampire lore and psychic powers! Her characters are refreshing, sarcastic, diabolical, and intriguing. The parallel world she has created is a wonderfully weird, excitingly mysterious, and darkly dangerous place! The beginning of the story is a little off-putting, as the reader is left to wonder about the reasons behind the character’s motivation. However, once more of back-story is given, readers will be able to enjoy a distinctively compelling story sprinkled with romance, humor, angst, and intriguing twists.  Female characters are no damsels in distress as they take charge of situations with bold finesse, cunning strategy, as well as reckless abandon. Male characters assist the heroines while managing to come across as strong and resourceful. Ms. Bryant’s tale leaks with a little romance, pulses with dynamic characters, flows with sarcastic humor, and gushes with psychic battles that will leave her newly obtained fans with an unquenchable thirst for more!

Tonya Mathenia