Blood Future (Blood Trilogy, Book 3)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The once mighty vampire, Titus Acilius, is no longer so mighty. Desolate and despondent, sitting on the island of St. Martin after World Wars III and IV, he ponders life in a post-apocalyptic world. He has lost almost everyone he has ever loved, including his beloved wife Molly. He hasn’t seen his best friend, The Squid, in decades. But lo and behold, The Squid comes walking down the beach. Is he a hallucination? How did he make his way to the island after the world has been nearly destroyed? The Squid not only brings some happiness back into Titus’s life, but he also has a proposition for his BFF. Would Titus be willing to leave his little piece of paradise and go on one more epic journey across the country? 

Having read all three of the Blood Trilogy series, one thing is certain…Mr. DeFazio’s writing is amazing!!! Sadly, the beginning of this book will throw the reader into mass of confusion, and will leave one scratching one’s head. No back story is given, though throughout the story, the past does present itself so that the reader understands some of what transpired in the previous books. The main problem with "Blood Future" is the lack of transition between scenes set in the present and those from the past. One risks neck injury from the jumps through time! This happens throughout the entire 400-page book.  Knowing Mr. DeFazio’s talent, this book just needs some tweaking to be a 5 star read!

Lynne Bryant