Blood Art


Nikolai Volkov is a centuries-old Master Vampire. After escaping his sadistic maker, Lucrezia Borgia, he just wants to be left alone to collect the art that keeps him sane, and the vampire community respects his wishes. Unfortunately, he didn’t kill his maker as he thought. She hid her essence in a painting and her power grows with each century.  Her escape is imminent. Sculptor Devane Redding is Lucrezia’s target, and Nikolai will do anything and everything to protect her - whether she wants his protection or not.


The art world really shines in this paranormal romance!  Nikolai is a heartbreaking character - a damaged hero who has clung to his love of art to keep himself sane. His maker was so sadistic it’s a testament to his strength of character that he can function in any kind of normal fashion and stay hidden from the humans. Devane is not as fully fleshed out as Nikolai. One really only gets the impression that she is a wonderful artist and extremely ditzy. This would be an excellent story of love, obsession and revenge if only the author had developed Devane more fully and hadn’t felt the need to constantly repeat certain facts about Nikolai. The repetition bogs the story down and makes for tedious reading. The secondary characters also could use some embellishment as they appear to be only two-dimensional plot props. The sculpture of a wonderful story is here. With some chipping away of excess material and some added definition this piece would really shine!


Carol Conley