Black Pearl Dreaming (Portland Hafu Book 2)

K Bird

Koi Pierce and her father are ‘dream eaters’, aka Baku. Koi grew up thinking she was just weird until she learned why others could not touch her bare skin. She can actually eat the dreams of others, but that ability is not without consequences and tribulations. Koi embarks on a wild journey to Japan with her father and friends to learn about her heritage, and an unusual world opens up to her. Fraught with dangers lurking around every corner, including dragons, shape-shifters, and those who seek to either aid her, or stop her, in her task to free the Black Pearl from its underground prison, Koi finds herself in troubles galore, but all she wants to do is save her father from being consumed with the dreams he eats.

“Black Pearl Dreaming” is an active sci-fi with a bit of paranormal on top. The book is action-packed and full of jocularity with enticing details sure to keep readers quickly turning pages. Readers must invest in book one prior to reading “Black Pearl Dreaming,” otherwise, this story is quite difficult to understand. The character development is impeccable, but the plot is very confusing when reading book two first, as it is not a standalone novel. Ms. Lincoln is a superb storyteller with a fabulous talent of making her readers feel they are living the tale right along with her players. Koi and Kwaskwi have personalities that are funny and witty, and readers will fall in love with Kwaskwi’s ‘blue jay’ gift. Full of action, emotion, and a speedy race to a happy ending, “Black Pearl Dreaming” is delightful and engaging!

Tiffany Landers