Black Magic Betrayal (Voodoo Vows #2)

Diana Marie

Rosie has been kidnapped and needs to learn how to hone her magic, and fast. She escapes with help from her guardian and now has to stop the evil, which is getting worse. While developing her powers, she makes a mistake and endangers someone she deeply cares about. As they are fated to be together, Julian senses that Rosie is close and has to do something to stop his change. He turns to Voodoo in the hopes that he can overcome what’s happening to him and be everything Rosie and his loved ones need. When they’re reunited, they have to work together to ensure the safety of everyone they love. 


A good paranormal romance will keep a reader entertained for hours. This book delivers in a lot of ways. Written in first person POV, the reader is given an insight into the main character's thoughts and feelings. Rosie is a witty character and very likable. The writer has done her research on Voodoo and this comes across in the book. Good descriptive scenes and love scenes bring to life a love story that will leave readers wanting more. Granted, there are a few punctuation and grammar issues that should be dealt with, but they don't take too much away from the story. It will be exciting to see what else comes from this author! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick