Biting the Curse – Bitten By Love, Book 5 Stacy McKitrick


Bringing new meaning to “Can’t keep a man”, Janie Robinson is convinced her love life is cursed! After losing a husband, a fiancé and a boyfriend to fatal accidents, she isn’t willing to care for another man.  Not even the Hot Cowboy she once believed to be an alien after an orgasmic encounter one hot night in Arizona years ago.  Sam Kincaid, not an alien but a vampire, has been desperately searching for Janie since learning his blazing reaction to her that unforgettable night may prove she’s his Perfect Mate. They soon determine the deaths involving the men in Janie’s life weren’t accidents but murder! Now Sam has a target on his back as well as his heart.

Stacy McKitrick’s “Biting the Curse” is a sexy, romantic, action-packed mystery readers can really sink their teeth into! Oh yeah, it also has a hunky, fangalicious vampire to boot! The opening reads like a classic crime or horror scene with a nibble of heat. The relatable main characters feel like old friends telling the story of how their juicy romance almost bit the dust. The humorous sidekicks provide the hero and heroine with equal parts distraction and assistance. Readers will be intrigued by the mysterious curse as the selection of villains serve up a smorgasbord of insanity.  One of the villains is missing a little seasoning and the ending is anti-climatic, but readers will agree the journey to justice is a road trip with enough twists and turns they won’t mind. Ms. McKitrick’s vampire tale is filled with explosive adventure, mouth-watering sensuality and is delicious enough to warrant a second helping request!

Tonya Mathenia