Bitch Witch


Sarah Elizabeth Archer was born a witch, and her soul has been promised to the dark forces that have given all the women in her family immeasurable power. However, that power comes with a cost. Having seen how it consumed her mother and aunt, she is trying to stave off that eventuality by avoiding dark casting.  One night under a blue moon, she unwittingly casts a spell that intertwines her fate with a man named Paul Revere Longfellow.  Now, Sarah has to fight to protect not just herself from the dark, but also Paul, as the dark hungers for everything.

“Bitch Witch” definitely will appeal to readers who like paranormal and supernatural fiction. Ms. Karfelt takes a distinctive approach at describing witchcraft—light on the more stereotypical elements, but instead showing the manipulation of energy behind it, dark and light. She doesn’t sugarcoat the dark side of being a witch, either. The tone is perfectly executed in this novel, with Sarah its standout heroine and focal point.  She’s cynical, foul-mouthed, emotionally tormented, but hilarious at the same time.  Her unique relationship with Paul is a major draw for this series, as their relationship helps both of them to evolve and heal past hurts.  Paul teaches Sarah that a witch doesn’t have to be lonely, and doesn’t always have to take by force, or by dark magic, but can give and allow others to care for her.  “Bitch Witch” will satisfy readers, but leave them wanting more of Sarah and Paul’s relationship.

Danielle Hill