Bishop Takes Knight (Redclaw Origins Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  Henrietta Bishop, known as Rhett, desperately needs a job. It is 1955, and her life has turned upside down since the death of her father. She knows nothing about Redlaw Security, but it is her last chance. She is hired for her spunk and tenacity. Weeks go by and she is still not quite sure what the business entails, until one day she finds a robot spider in the office. Her boss then informs her that the agency actually manages the shifter population. Shifters seem to be growing ever since nuclear and technological advances during the war. Due to her quick thinking, her first assignment is to find Peter Knight. Peter Knight is a nuclear scientist who vanished after the tragic death of his wife. Peter and Rhett then join forces to discover who stole some dangerous technology. 

This paranormal romance has it all! This book breaks the reader’s heart when it ends. First, this book has a classic noir feel to it, as if it should be a movie starring Humphrey Bogart! Second, the characters are perfection. Rhett is spunky, smart, and utterly witty, and Peter Knight triggers all the smiles with his dapper personality. However, the real magic happens when they’re together. This isn’t just a budding romance, it is a partnership and they know the job is vital, so they get it done in style. Plus, this shifter world definitely stands out above the rest with the backdrop of post-World War II and all the technological advances. Readers who love paranormal romance, shifters, history, suspense, or all of the above need to add this book to their book list!

Amanda Hupe