Bewitching the Enemy (Vieux Carre Witch Sister #1)


Storm Morgeaux and her sisters have a commercial contracting business. The project they were awarded is a clinic being started by Dr. Nathan Davis. The business is just getting started and they need to make this job happen to keep them all afloat. The old building getting a rehab has been abandoned and the changes are uncovering some very mysterious happenings. Dr. Davis has been taken with Storm (or “Blaze”, as he calls her) since the first time he laid eyes on her. Unbeknownst to both of them, they have been chosen to be mated. Will the elders get their way or will the love fade once the truth is revealed and the evil doers are on the prowl? This family is tested when ancient spells are released and their mother goes into a coma. 


This suspenseful paranormal romance is deftly written and is a hot and steamy tale of witches, warlocks, shifters and hybrids. The drama finally ramps up halfway into the story but until then there are parts that read slower and seem drawn out. The main characters are genuine and very relatable, even though they are not your typical building contractor and pediatric doctor. The setting in New Orleans adds to the drama and mysteries of the city and all the players involved. Storm not fully knowing who or what she is strains a reader's credulity, but once the discovery is made she appears unstoppable!


“Bewitching the Enemy” is book one in the series and leaves room for the story to continue.


Viola Robins