Bewitching Breeze


FANTASY:  Breeze Layton is one of three sisters – triplets. She is also a member of the newest generation of super-normally gifted in her family: she can shapeshift and sense the future. However, her future-sensing abilities didn’t warn her about Jackson Tremonti and his daughter Gabriella - the newest guests at the inn Bree runs with her family – or about the role they would come to play in her life.

Jack feels instantly attracted to Bree, and his daughter, Gabriella, also feels a connection to Bree and her sisters. When Gabriella is put in danger, Bree might have no choice but to confess her magical abilities to Jack, if they want to save Gabriella… But will he be able to accept that the woman he has come to love has abilities beyond his wildest dreams? 

The location is perfect! A family-owned inn near the sea instantly makes the reader reminisce about the holidays, about the quietude. The book starts out with this relaxing, holiday-like atmosphere, but soon the pace picks up and the plot turns more sinister. At the same time, the tension between the two main characters, Jack and Bree, grows. Both Bree and Jack are intriguing, multi-dimensional, lovable characters in their own way, and they each bring unique qualities to the table. K. M. Daughter’s writing is great and the plot is fast-paced, keeping the reader engaged throughout. A magical, romantic read that is perfect for a lazy afternoon. 

Majanka Verstraete