Bewitching the Beast


Tess is trapped in a vortex of grief after the death of her fiancé and can’t seem to move on. She goes out with her best friend one night and her eyes land on a mysterious, dark and magnetic man who she can’t stop drooling over. During a brief encounter with The Beast, Tess’s aura is stolen, which opens her up to extremely bad luck at every turn. 

Ethan doesn’t understand how Tess is able to speak to him once The Beast takes control of Tess’s aura. Tess is different, and Ethan can’t resist the pull that magnetizes the two of them. But since Tess lost her aura, she’s left unprotected, and Ethan can’t fight his urge to protect her. A sinister being is threatening the lives of those around Tess, but thanks to Tess’s deceased aunt, who left Tess clues in the form of magic, they may have an answer.

Magical! Delightful! Absolutely thrilling! Readers will feel every emotion, every tense moment of suspense, and will fall head over heels in love with the strong characters of Tess and Ethan. The plot is rife with the mystical, mind-blowing moments that captivate and enrapture. Pacing is fast and eager, with a plot of intrigue, passion, and uniqueness every writer should emulate. Ms. Hughes put her soul in the writing of this magnificent tale of shifters, magic, and a stunning depth of realistic emotion guaranteed to send chills dancing across the skin of her readers. “Bewitching The Beast” is an epic shifter romance with an unusual and moving plot that merits the highest levels of praise and attention! Truly a bewitching, five-star read!

Tiffany Landers