Between Magic and Mayhem: The Last Wizard #2


Zadicayn is the last wizard and has been locked up for three hundred years. If he dies, the Faewraith will kill all the humans on earth, and people will cease to exist. Brynella is working with her friend, Joseara, a known thief, to help Zadicayn escape, but the church and three prominent families want to keep him imprisoned and will do all they can to ensure Zadicayn is locked up once again. Brynnella is engaged to Jaicom Whaerin, who is secretly working to help Brynn keep Zadicayn from returning to his prison. As Zadicayn and Brynnella travel through multiple dimensions, they are slowly caught up in a tumult of emotions as they endure numerous trials and tribulations trying to keep the last wizard free. Will Brynella save the human race and the last wizard? Or will she marry Jaicom and settle for less than love?

“Between Magic and Mayhem” is an engaging fantasy romance with some time travel components that is certain to appeal to readers of this genre. Adventurous and humorous, this story starts out somewhat rough and difficult to follow. However, readers will want to push through the tough beginning and finish this unique tale that is ripe with unexpected twists and turns. While this story would be greatly enhanced by additional editing, it does not detract from the witty read. The characters are well developed with distinct personalities, and the plot is unusual and extremely fun. JM Robison plots a great story full of various types of supernatural twists and is a perfect selection for a rainy day. 

Tiffany Landers