Betrayal: Angels of Death

M. L.
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Heather Bowen, a drug and alcohol counsellor, has used her ability to read auras as a way of healing her clients.  Her newest ability is confusing and unwelcome - her nightmares are coming true!  Loaded recovering drug addicts are releasing their uncontrollable rage on innocent bystanders.  This hits too close to home for Heather, and brings the police to her rehabilitation center, as the crimes have been committed by her clients.  Scythe Angel enters her center with an offer of help and a personal agenda.  It’s a race against time to prevent the next murder.  They will have to fight demons from claiming Hell’s next soul.  

Betrayal, the first book in the Angels of Death series, has some fascinating elements.  Ms. Guida explores religious thought by integrating the concepts of forgiveness and penance.  The moments of grief, shame, and anger add a sincere quality to this story. However, it is not enough to balance the poorly executed romance.  There’s a disconnect in the characters’ thoughts, feelings, and actions making the love between Heather and Scythe difficult to accept, despite their lustful cravings for one another’s body.  Overall, readers will find some emotional elements, lusty good times, but the forced romance may leave them unfulfilled.  

Anna Fitzgerald