Believer (Camille Bishop Book 2)

Ravin Tija

MYSTERY:  Camille Bishop has come into her powers. Exactly what those are and what she is now capable of, she isn’t quite sure. With family friend Millie by her side, Camille is trying to uncover her new world since her parents had bound her powers to protect her from this paranormal life while dealing with the loss of her boyfriend. Working as a private investigator alongside her handsome boss, Eric, Camille needs to uncover the truth behind her friend Bliss’s disappearance. Rumor has it, vampire Tobias Kinkaid has claimed her and she is now under his spell. The Kinkaid clan is also under suspicion of inventing a virus that must be stopped. 

Welcome to a mystical world of mystery and intrigue! Fans of the paranormal genre will delight in this latest edition of Camille Bishop’s story. Readers may want to start at book one, “Prophecy Girl”, to get a better grasp on what is happening in the second installment. Jumping straight into book two, readers may feel a little lost at what is happening in Camille’s world and how she has gotten to this point in her life. Readers also need to be aware of the use of bad language in this installment. While it does not take anything away from the story itself, those readers who are not a fan of colorful language should be forewarned that there is a sprinkling throughout this installment. Ravin Tija Maurice has created a paranormal mystery lover's dream world, and one that needs to be continued to see where Camille’s story goes next. 

Alison Ellis