Behind Locked Doors


“Behind Locked Doors” by C.A. Wittchen is a YA fantasy that takes place in the modern world and also slips into the mystical unseen world.  Seventeen-year-old Tempest wants a better sense of who she is, at least more than she has, when it comes to her father. No one talks about him, but she decides it’s time to hunt down the mysterious man with the few clues she’s gathered.


Tempest can see things not everyone else can. Faeries, demons, shifters, she spots them often in passing.  This unusual ability must somehow come from her absentee parent. If she could find him, then it might make sense, somehow. Her journey draws her deeper into a magical world where demon and faeries war with Tempest in the crossfire. Her self-appointed mission becomes not only a struggle to survive, but also provides an unexpected glimpse into her own soul.


“Behind Locked Doors” introduces the characters and premise at a fast pace that should appeal to its audience. Ms. Wittchen makes the denizens she creates come alive and are believable.  The only time she loses the reader is changing POV, for what seems to be no real reason. Formatting of the Kindle version is peculiar and a little distracting, with the book not starting until page forty. With this in mind, the book isn’t as long as it first appears. “Behind Locked Doors” should entertain mid-teen to adult fantasy fans easily.


Morgan Stamm