Becoming the Witch: Prequel to the Rise of Orion Series


HISTORICAL:  Elizabeth Marshfield does not have a say in who she is to marry. It's going to be Sir Charles Dempsey. When she's married, a magic is unlocked that means she possesses a magic she never knew she had. While her husband has his mistress warming his bed, Elizabeth finds solace in the company of Barnaby, who she is told is a Roma called Raven. Despite being married to another, she cannot deny the connection she feels to this man. If she is caught with him, she will be executed. However, she will risk death, if it means retaining that connection.

The basic plot of this book, the unhappy wife in a marriage of convenience who finds love in the arms of another, is a bit clichéd. The paranormal addition brings an air of excitement to the book as does the character of Barnaby (or Raven as he becomes known).There are some parts of the book where the name change can be confusing and others where the plot seems to pull in different directions. There is darkness to this book that is interesting. There are some uncomfortable sexual scenes that some readers may find difficult to read, it may have been ideal to put a warning about this. It will be interesting to read the other books in the series and see what they are like.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick