Beauty and the Beast (Once Upon a Spell Book 1)


FANTASY:  Princess Anastasia has plans to study at a Collegium. However, her dreams are shattered when she sacrifices herself as prisoner to a dragon in order to save her father, who had hired assassins to kill the dragon so he could obtain a special rose that was only to be found in its realm. With all attempts failing, the only thing accomplished was angering the dragon, leaving Anastasia no choice but to abandon her freedom. However, she soon finds contentment in the dragon’s lair, leaving him with the hope that she can love a creature like him.


Although this romantic fantasy is part of the “Spell Book” series, it stands alone and adds a couple of twists to give some flair to the often-told classic fairytale. In addition, the ending is a little rushed but in no way, hinders the captivating appeal of this charming tale. Combining magic, dragon shifters, and romance, it takes the reader on an enthralling adventure with engaging characters that are well-liked, and a plot that flows smoothly at a perfect pace. This is not, however, a children’s fairytale. It is an excellently executed adult love story replete with passion, sparks of desire, and a smoldering love scene. A cherished treasure for any collection that will appeal to readers of many genres.


Janna Shay