Beautiful Darkness


“Beautiful Darkness” is a story of three fae sisters set in the Scottish Highlands, derived from ancient faerie lore and mixing it with a historical setting of castles, lairds and brave, handsome highlanders. 

Masie and her sisters are Baobhan sith, forever beautiful, but also forever destined to drink the blood of others to survive. When they’re accused of murdering their laird’s son, Masie and her sisters flee to their home. When Masie is captured by Clan Gunn and falls in love with the laird’s brother, she must keep her identity a secret or risk being burned as a witch and endangering her sisters. Masie and her sisters aren’t ordinary lasses, though, and their true identity and destiny puts them in more danger than they could ever foresee. Despite her sith powers, Masie is a caring, loving person who starts out as soft and sweet but grows into a strong-willed young woman who would do anything for the people she loves. 

Kerr Gunn never expected himself to fall for Masie. He’s a rough alpha male but his personality becomes much softer whenever he’s around her. 

This is a breathtaking novel, filled with complicated, intriguing characters, a compelling background story mixed with faerie lore and a historical setting, all bound together by the love three sisters have for one another.  Highly recommended! 

Majanka Verstraete