Beast Coast (Carus series #2)

J. C.

“Andy” McNeilly is a Carus, SRD Agent that gets tricked into being blood-bonded with the Vampire Master Lucien so that he can have more control of her. She has two admirers, Wick and Tristan, vying for her affection but she is having a difficult time choosing between them. When a ‘supe’ begins using ‘norms’ as kidnappers, Andy is forced to put aside her hatred for her new Master and her confusion about which suitor to pick, in order to find and disarm the ‘supe’ killer. Finding out more about herself and her true identity may be the only answer to locating and disabling the ‘supe’.


“Beast Coast” is a paranormal/dark fantasy thriller. J. C. McKenzie brings life to her characters and keeps the story moving at a break-neck speed. Most importantly, this should not be read as a stand-alone book. In order to truly understand all of the important players, the entire ‘world’ she has created, and all of the ins and outs of Andy McNeilly, a reader needs to start at the beginning of the series. Although the plot is well thought out and is executed smoothly, the characters are somewhat under-developed and may leave the reader confused by the swift changes each of them make. “Beast Coast” is a four-star read that lacks only the inclusion of more background from the first book in the series.

Mary-Nancy Smith