Bear Trapped: Bear Force Book One


Ada Hastings is journalist on vacation looking to enjoy nature and have a quiet relaxing time.  It is while she’s enjoying nature that she stumbles upon a bear in the New Zealand rainforest. Surprise, shock and a low tree limb combine to literally knock Ada off her feet. When she is awakened by sexy Ranger Sach-Severin, she feels an instant connection.  

Both elements of Ranger’s dual nature tell him that Ada is destined to be his lifetime mate and he is determined to use everything within his power to make it so, but first he will have to overcome the trauma in Ada’s past.

“Bear Trapped: Bear Force Book One” is a lively read full of passion and eroticism.  The characters possess a winning self-deprecating humor that makes them amusing and likeable.  However, the book is light on character and plot development.  The main conflict keeping these two characters apart is superficial and trite and resolved much too easily by sex.  Unfortunately, the story glosses over the harsh reality of bear farming and animal abuse making this sub-plot nothing more than filler between sex scenes.

With more emphasis on story development, this series could be both a great love story and a compelling and insightful look into the world of bear abuse and those who work to save them.

Gwenellen Tarbet