Bayou Guardian


Olyvia Rayne’s father passes away and after years of separation from her roots she returns home to put him to rest. Gunner Robichaux, a hot young guy she knew from school, has grown into a steaming, sexy, well-established man who is still able to turn her head. However, there are dark secrets in the swamps of Pierre Part, ones Olyvia has no idea existed.  What she also does not know is that her destiny is embedded within them.

Olyvia returns to Pier Part intent on leaving as soon as she can, but Gunner has other ideas. Luring Olyvia into his den will take a sensual hand and small bits of truth, until she understands her life has a new path, and it will be woven with his. Gunner isn’t just any guy, he’s the Alpha of the Loup Garou pack of Bayou Lafourche.  He won’t settle for anything but his promised mate, and now she’s back.


Bayou Guardian is a paranormal tale of sensual heat in the Louisiana swamps. This story has not been thoroughly edited which is a shame, because Ms. Breakfield writes an edgy, mysterious Louisiana tale, yet, many structural problems draw the reader away from the story. There’s sexual tension, action, raw emotion and an antagonist most readers will want to bitch slap. Still, it is an enjoyable tale that ties up all loose ends. A rewrite and cleanup will leave a reader satisfied and hoping Ms. Breakfield keeps on penning.


Natasza Waters