The Battle Immortal (The Silk & Steel Saga Book 7)


EPIC FANTASY:  The Red Comet signals the start of the Battle Immortal, the long-awaited fight between the Light and the Dark. Making her way to the Queen's city, Kath and her warriors must counter the Mordant's devastating plan to thrust all of the land of Erdhe into darkness. As forces gather, those on the side of the Light must stand firm and face their destiny head on. The Dark sets up a grand trap, ready for the Light. The stage is set, the players are in place, the Light and the Dark will converge as the Battle is waged. The stakes are high and kingdoms are on the verge of destruction. One false step, one wrong choice, and all will fall...


“The Battle Immortal” is a tale of love, loyalty, the strength of one's character and the choices one makes. The terrifying villains are evil enough to strike fear into any reader's heart. However, the battle with the Mordant is anticlimactic, and his demise comes about all too quickly. While everyone has their part to play, it is Kath the Imp's unwavering resolve and belief in herself that brings all things to fruition. It is astonishing to see such strength and focus in a character that has been overlooked and doubted from the beginning. Ms. Azinger is a brilliant storyteller, and this book is crafted with such love and care that readers will be awestruck by this inspiring work.  


Chantel Hardge