Battle Cry (Loki's Wolves #2)


Sawyer Barrett has revenge on the mind. The need to avenge his brother’s death is eating away at his soul. He blames Daniel’s death on the Alpha of the Storm Pack, Victoria Storm. Victoria loved Daniel, and while she mated with a wolf to preserve her pack, her heart remained with him - even though their relationship was not sanctioned by either pack or Hunters. However, the Barretts and Victoria must come together to fight the undead, rescue Daniel’s soul, and deal with the coming storm of destruction the Gods have wrought upon humanity. 


Norse mythology and humanity collide within this novel from Ms. Snark. Not the first in a series, it can stand alone, but understanding specific references would be easier if you’ve read the previous books. Specifically, the character of Victoria appears to be so complex that without information from the previous books the reader might feel cheated of useful knowledge. Nonetheless the depth of the plot and characters creates a story that intrigues and captures the reader in the mystical web of a great battle. The interspersed arrivals of Loki within the novel are a delightful bit of humor in an otherwise serious thriller. The imagery projected by the author is so vivid it paints itself in the mind, projecting a dramatic intensity as the story plays out. Start to finish it is truly worth the read! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto