Banshee Seduction, (Montgomery’s Sin, Book One)


Half banshee and pyrotechnic, Ginny Golding moved to Earth from the underworld not only to get away from her banshee relatives, but to also find love. Unfortunately, she tends to make human males bleed from places they shouldn’t whenever passion rises. She needs someone more than human to love. Enter Matthew Dane, fullback for the New York Chameleons and dragon shifter. Matt and his dragon recognize Ginny as their mate, but as a celebrity he’s used to having women throw themselves at him, so he’s a bit rusty when it comes to wooing his lady love. While Ginny is very attracted to him, she’s not impressed with said wooing. Will these two ever get on the scoreboard?


Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s plenty of both in this humorous paranormal romance! Ginny’s banshee keening and adrenaline-spiked flame outs are a source of irritation and embarrassment to her, however to the reader they are entertainment gold. 200-yr-old Matt may be a bit of a Neanderthal, but his bumbling attempts at romancing Ginny are a constant source of exasperated amusement. The slapstick humor is wielded with a deft touch, the characters are delightful, and the plot engaging; however the story is a bit rushed in areas leaving the overall flow shortchanged. Embellishing the lean parts would round this delightful tale out quite nicely, making it burn brighter and hotter than the fires of the underworld.


Carol  Conley