Bait N’ Witch, (Legendary Consultants, #3)


Rowan McAuliffe has a secret - a big one - that could get her killed by the very people from whom she’s hiding. Greyson Masters is hunting her, but the Mage High Council has ordered him to bring her in alive for questioning. It’s unknown whether he will obey those orders, so Rowan does what her friend Delilah suggests and hides in plain sight - right under Greyson’s nose- as nanny to his three pre-teen triplet daughters. When her very presence brings danger to their home, Rowan does what she must to save the ones she’s come to love. Will they understand? Will they forgive her? So many questions and no certain answers.

If one is inclined to enjoy a steamy, paranormal, character-driven tale with heart and humor then “Bait N’ Witch” delivers on all fronts! The world takes a back seat to the characters and it’s not a bad thing. Larger-than-life with virtues and flaws laid bare, Rowan and Greyson steal the show, though secondary characters also shine. The heat between the two is especially fan-worthy, but it’s the love that slowly grows that warms the heart. Just when one thinks these two will get their HEA, a frightening wrench is thrown into the works and an anxious nail-biting reader must race to the end to discover the outcome. Sprinkled with humor and a bit of mystery, this is one delicious romance that will satisfy even the most jaded of palates.

Carol Conley