Awakening (The Geis #1)


McKayla McCleery is practical - she doesn’t believe in things she can’t see.   After moving to Star Valley, Wyoming she’s managed to find a new best friend, get a solo in her dance recital, and catch the attention of the hot guy in physics.  Her eccentric Aunt Avril, however, insists that magic exists and travels the world as a psychic for the FBI. When a murder in the area brings her to visit and McKayla shows signs of exhibiting some of the family magic, they team up to track down the supernatural murder who has set its sights on McKayla’s sister. With help from an unexpected source, McKayla and her friends may be able to stop the murder, break a curse, and maybe win a dance competition as well.


What a fantastic new spin on paranormal YA!  Dorrity weaves a fabulous tale of Celtic mythology with a modern teen learning about a magic gift she didn’t know she had. The romance is steady and beautifully done, with just enough miscommunication to provide a challenge without dragging it out. The magic is subtle but well-suited to the characters who are given enough depth to be believable without being overly complex. A great read for teens or adults who are looking for some magic and romance with a bit of a mystery thrown in. Readers will be anxiously waiting for the sequel, praying it publishes sooner rather than later!

Sarah E Bradley