Awaiting Fate (Fated Immortals #1)


Cain Thaler, a 400 year-old demon, can’t believe that he has found his fated mate. After all this time, he finally knows who she is. True, the fact that she is Olivia Walden, a werewolf princess, does make things a bit complicated, what with the fact that werewolves frown on interspecies mating. All he needs to do now is woo her and make her fall in love with him before he tells her the truth. Best to start with friendship and then build on that foundation. The plan is going well, until she simply goes away without telling him.


Olivia fell in love with Cain, how could she not? Unfortunately, in that way lays despair, for there is no way she is his fated mate - after all, he would’ve surely told her. Can Cain convince her that they really are meant to be?


The “fated mate” trope is fairly popular, and it can be done really well. However, in this case, Cain mostly looked overly possessive and domineering, and his behavior was rather worrisome at times. Then, there is the fact that their problems would’ve been solved with just a bit of honesty. The plot also suffers from an abundance of drama. As for world building, it shows a lot of promise, but it was never fully developed, with the romance taking up the vast majority of the book. There are couples mentioned here whose stories would be intriguing to learn, and since they are told in the “Elemental Sisters” series that comes before this book, maybe the world would be better explained there.


Ana Smith