Avenge Her (The Druid's Curse #2)


Izzy Alexander is a witch, and although she could whip together a love potion for Malcolm Campbell, a sexy highlander cursed to with everlasting life, she’s following the good old-fashioned route: love will find a way. Mother Nature throws in a helping hand with a blizzard and an evil wizard comes sniffing after his centuries-old fixation to complete his self-perpetuating destiny. 

With tarot cards and dark wizards from the past, a reader can’t help but become engaged to “Avenge Her”. The second story in the Druid’s Curse series maintains a reasonable pace until the mystery is unraveled. The well-known trope of the hero resisting all women after the death of his wife, which occurred hundreds of years ago, doesn’t seem realistic even for a paranormal romance. The reason for celibacy isn’t supported, but creates a spiraling pressure for the hero and heroine to break through for the “sigh” moment. The ending and who Izzy is or better described as “was” isn’t a surprise. Readers like a fresh take on an old idea, and the revelation seemed to diminish the story line. There is one creative twist and revelation at the end of the novel, and better yet, it’s a cliff hanger! Stay tuned for more evil deeds and spell casting.

Sloane Austen