Ashes of Onyx


It’s been three years since the tragic event that cost Kate Rossdale pretty much everything. Her friends, her mentor, and her ability to do magic all stripped in an instant during her final tests, leaving her unable to cast and with a drug addiction.  Now a mysterious stranger is telling her that everything she thought she knew was wrong and is offering a chance to not only get her powers back, but avenge her fallen brethren.  Could this be the chance of her lifetime, or is this too good to be true, just another trap?  The only way for Kate to find out is to take the risk, but the cost may be more than she can afford to give.

This dark urban fantasy starts out at a fantastic pace, introducing the protagonist Kate in an interesting and unusual way, and letting the reader know what to expect.  The first half of the book is a page-turning quest that is both new, but also familiar enough that even with this being book one in a new world, the reader feels invested.  Unfortunately, this all changes about halfway through.  The narrative gets lost in the details of traveling between various worlds, and rushes through events, leaving the reader feeling suddenly disconnected from the rest of the story.  Answers are at least provided to all of the early questions raised, and although this story ends, the world is definitely left open for future escapades. 

Melanie Newton