Into the Arms of Morpheus


Sylvia has been a devotee of Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams ever since she saw an art exhibit featuring the Greek Gods. Every night she surrenders herself to Morpheus, and her devotion has attracted the notice of another Greek God. Nyx, the Goddess of the Night, has her own obsession, and while nursing her own heartache she is drawn to the male voice chanting her name. When the God of Death and Morpheus join Nyx in the world of men and their combined attention focuses on Sylvia, she discovers that to be a mortal devoted to the Gods is to play with fire.


This is not any typical twist on the Greek gods. It’s not a retelling, and Sylvia is not a demigod or a creature from Greek mythology. Instead it’s a type of paranormal that isn’t easily defined. The idea behind this book is original, which is really nice for lovers of Greek mythology. However, it is very confusing at times. The point of view jumps heads. The story behind the man obsessed with Nyx is never really made clear or explained, nor is it clear why Sylvia is so special, or what the God of Death was up to the entire book. Further, the lines between reality, dreams, and the realm of the gods is very blurred. Effectively, readers who adore Greek mythology and want something very different should add this to their lists, but this is not a light fluffy read.


Sarah E. Bradley