Arielle: Immortal Awakening

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Arielle Lloyd has spent her life growing up in Brighton, England, with a secret. She can hear the thoughts of others, a secret that she has kept well hidden.Arielle and her two very close friends Eva and Gabrielle have shared some rather unusual adventures. Eva can talk to spirits, and they decide to help a pair of ghosts reunite so that they can move on to the next life. Arielle decides this is the kind of love she wants in her own life. The girls grow up, and attend University together. Between the three of them, they attract a number of mysterious supernatural entities; including a murderous witch, and a handsome immortal man. The immortal being, Sebastian, falls deeply in love with Arielle and she decides he is the love of her life. Before they can be together, however, they must overcome a number of obstacles, not the least of which is Sebastian’s jealous, vindictive ex-wife.

This was a nice idea for a paranormal story, but the book tried to do far too many things. The plot went in way to many dead end directions! There’s an overabundance of aimless chatter between the three girls, and juvenile gushing between Arielle and Sebastian. Arielle comes across as silly, shallow, and is unable to keep the reader’s interest in her story. The story meandered aimlessly, and completely changed directions at least three different times; with the last twist turning the story into a spy thriller. The reader is often left wondering where in the world the story is going. With more focus and some tightening up, this could, however, be the start of something good.

Faith Turner