The Archer’s Hollow


Siri refuses to be sold as a bride to a savage chief, so she escapes with a precious amulet that must be returned to the King in order to keep her promise to her dying mother.  To find him, she runs headlong through the woods following the only instructions she has - keep going north. Barely escaping a hunting dog’s teeth Siri plunges into a swirling lake, soon finding her way through the mountains and into a strange valley where she encounters a group of elves in an archery lesson. Her overpowering desire to learn, not to mention the captivating Master Archer draw her into an enchanting world of magic, adventure and a desperate quest. Driven by her promise and the unidentified voice leading her on, she will face a beautiful but dark villain whose quest for power threatens to destroy them all.

Author Peggy Urry does a fantastic job creating a beautiful fantasy world with scenes so vivid they draw the reader completely into a new realm! The story hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the end. Battles, spells, captures, twists and turns and a sense of discovery keep the reader engrossed throughout the book with no sagging middle. The characters are deep, and despite the slightly unbelievable three day timeline, the romance unfolds layer by layer. The fast-paced quest with its thread of mystery, the determined heroine who fights through her fears, her compassionate yet strong hero and a villain that gives the reader shudders, all make “The Archer’s Hollow” an excellent fantasy adventure to get lost in! 


Stephenia McGee