Apocalyptic Moon


Dora Adler is a physician during the zombie apocalypse.  In fact, it is on her 27th birthday that she is bitten by a hospital patient and thought to be infected.  When it becomes apparent that she is, in fact, immune to the zombie infection, she is imprisoned and used as a lab rat in a last-ditch effort to save humankind.  

Dirk Gunderson is an alpha werewolf, and he is also locked up due to his immunity. The two strike up an unlikely alliance that leads to a break-out and a wild trek across the US in search of Dirk's pack and Dora's last remaining family.  Dirk proceeds to educate Dora in the many different shifters and also informs her that she isn't entirely human, either.  Dora is a witch. They have to keep their attraction in check, however, because a witch and a werewolf are forbidden to mate.


This was crazy and fast-moving from the very beginning!  Dora is a self-sufficient woman, and  Dirk is an alpha used to making decisions for himself and others.  Their attraction was evident but the romantic aspect relied heavily on fate instead of feelings.  Pack hierarchy was a tad confusing as well at times, as there are a lot of secondary characters. Their situation made for one extreme story, but the overall lighthearted tone of the main characters added some much needed humor to this doomsday tale. This is a wholly original, sexy and action packed paranormal romance that will leave the reader wanting more of this world and this author!


Nicole Duke