Another Time


TIME TRAVEL:  Dusty Williams and Dee Stevens do not know each other from Adam. However, a chance meeting at a bar and a conversation leads them to spend the night together. It sounds like the usual one-night stand but when Dee brings Dusty to the airport to catch his flight, they are catapulted back to Braddock’s Crossing in the year 1891. Not knowing how they got to the 19th century, they have no choice but to engage with the townsfolk. In doing so Dusty and Dee introduce modern ideas, not realizing that their actions can affect the future.

Many time travel romances show the protagonists from the future adapting to the era they are thrown into. Not this novel. Although their survival depends on Dusty and Dee doing just that, the modern ideas Dusty and Dee introduce is also their form of self-preservation – that they do not lose their 21st century identity in the 19th century.

There is a lot of information given as the author explains modern ideas, without any info-dumping. The author weaves the information in the characters’ actions and in dialogue. There is never a dull or skip-the-pages moment. Everything is geared toward moving the story to its satisfying end. It has to be said that there is a semi-cliffhanger, but this does not detract from enjoying this first book in a series.  After reading "Another Time", one will look forward to reading the next installment to see what happens to Dusty and Dee in a future quite different from when they left it.

M.P. Ceja