Annihilation (Chronicles of the Uprising 6)

K. A.

DYSTOPIAN:  Mira has been both the vampire and otherkin’s only hope of peace, but she is now dead in the arena. When she fell, the uprising of the vampires and otherkin began. They are battling for peace and equality between them and the Elites, or humans. Up until now, the vampires and otherkin have been used as gladiators to fight to the death for the amusement of the Elites. As the battle begins, Mira’s lover, a werewolf, pulls her body to safety in the hopes that she may somehow be reanimated. What will be the final result of this bloody uprising?


Ms. Salidas brilliantly spins a unique vampire tale that is riveting until the end! She has a myriad of different characters from vampires to werewolves, all of whom have deep stories of their own. This is the sixth book in a series and although “Annihilation” works well as a stand-alone, it would work even better if read in order of the series. The flow of the story is interrupted by misspelled words and missing words which is a problem throughout the work. The world upon which this story is built is described in so much detail that it is easy to “see” the passages that Mira and her friends take to avoid trouble. This novel is surely one to add to the library of any vampire fancier.


Belinda Wilson